Thursday, October 27, 2011

Immersion Assembly

For our first day back at school,we had an immersion assembly.We do this every term on the first day so we can be informed about what our topic is. All the teachers are put into groups and perform an act for us.

Excitedly staring around the hall, I saw all the teachers dressed in weird costumes.They had things like wigs, masks, tutus and pompoms. I’m sure, like me, you are confused about what the term topic is,but keep reading and see if you can guess.

My favourite act was team 5’s. It was really cool because they showed some of the scenes from the movie, Star Wars. But amazingly it wasn't the normal actors faces, it was the teachers faces instead.

The other act that I liked was team 2’s.They did a rap called Space Rap.Dressed all in black with boxes on their heads, the teachers in team 2 were dancing like robots. “They don't look like robots” I thought to myself.

I really enjoyed the immersion assembly this term because it was funny and we learnt some new things about gravity.We were also told a story about Maui and how he caught the north island of New Zealand with a hook made of a jaw bone. Did you guess what our theme is? Our theme for this term is all about space, “Outta this world!”