Friday, February 18, 2011

Acrostic poem

Eats lots
Smiles most of the time
Rides his bike for fun
Always listens to his friends
Hides in lots of places


  1. Hey Rauf, my name is Jenna Baxter and I am a student at the University of South Alabama majoring in Elementary Education. I live in Mobile, Alabama (United States). I am taking a class called EDM310, in which we get to comment on other students blogs from around the world. I am commenting on your blog and a summary will be posted to my blog, which you can view by clicking here. First of all, let me say you are the farthest person from the United States that I have been able to comment on, and I am very excited to be able to view and comment on your blog. I really enjoyed reading your poem and, believe it or not, it really relates to my life! I love to eat, smile a lot, ride bikes, and I try to always listen to my friends. Is this poem about you? Also, what does ESRAH stand for, is it someone's name? If that is a crazy question, I am sorry! Once again thank you for letting me view and comment on your blog!

  2. Cool Poem Raufy is that Poem about your friend Ezrah or your cousin ? .

  3. Rauf, your like the most funniest friend i've ever had. Keep up the good poems and you eat a lot wow.

    From Shayne

  4. Hey Rauf this is Esrah your best friend.I just want to say
    nice poem about me.But how did you know I like doing all those things.

    By Esrah

  5. Hey Rauf,what a thoughtful poem you made about Esrah is he your best friend.Could you Rauf make more stories.


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