Wednesday, July 13, 2011


A few days ago we went to Motat .Before we got on the bus we went to the hall and got in our groups.walking out to the bus I felt so exited!Off we went to travel all the way to Motat,”Motat here we come” we all shouted.
Once we got there we hoped out of the bus and walked to the gate were we met a lady named Stacy,who was our educator.She took us to one of the classrooms and we ate our morning tea.
Our first activity was the tactile dome.We had to feel around for walls and ways to get out of the pitch black dome.As people went we could hear them through the microphone.
After that we split up into our groups and my group headed to the game room.There were games like PAC man street fighter and of course racing games.
A while later we went back to the class room and had lunch with everyone.Then we were given a map of were to go.The first on the map was the tram barn and the whisper dishes.So that is were we headed off to.
As soon as we finished that we rushed over to the mirror maze were another group was coming through.One of our group members ran into a mirror. As soon as that happened he fell to the ground and was very dizzy so he shouted out “Anthony”.

Before we had our last activity we went with Stacy to a different class room and learnt about kiwi and other country's inventions.There were things like phones,type-writers,cameras and Stacy even told us about some inventions that were invented by accident like the tea bag.
For our last activity we ran straight back to the game room and played for hours.We had competitions on the racing games.It was very challenging for everyone but I felt confident.
At the end of the day we met back to the classroom.Finally we walked back to the bus and went to school.We all felt exhausted and drained,that was a long day.


  1. wow I like your blog it is cool I LIKE THE PAC MAN GAMES i PLAY IT TO

  2. Motat was fun and i knew you would like the video games as soon as i saw the games i thought Raufy is going to love this room.

  3. Awesome piece of writing son. Glad you had a good time at motat and enjoyed playing the games with your friends. That was funny about your friend running into one of the mirrors hehe It was good that you got to play the video games for ages =) love you xo

  4. Awesome writing Rauf. I was really exited on that day and im really amazed that I enjoyed the Motat as well as you did.

    Did you ever get lost in the mirror maze!

    SHAYNE =)

  5. Hey Rauf thats a awesome piece of writing.Was the tactile dome hard, It was hard for me to move around because it looked like there were no sign of light in the world.

    By Esrah

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  7. Hey Rauf what a good story this is cool to read.

    By Mohammed


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