Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Saving Valentina

While out in the sea of Cortez.Whale researcher, Michael Fishbach, and his family encountered a rare opportunity.The chance to save the life of a young humpback whale on the brink of death.

Approaching the whale there were no signs of life. After several minutes of floating alongside it, the whale forcefully exhaled.

The humpback whale was struggling to breath and swim. Michael saw that it was tangled in a gill net.

Grabbing the net...his family went and tried to cut one of the pectoral fins free.Eventually they did. About half an hour later they got the second pectoral fin free as well.

Once they cut the whale free it swam away and put on a magnificent show. They could tell it was very happy! The humpback did about 40 breaches, it also did tail slaps.

I think that the whale was really lucky that Michael and his family were there.It would have died if they didn't help.


The Liver is the biggest organ in your body.It has over 500 jobs and is part of the Digestive system.One of its jobs is to warm the blood.It is a very important job since we are warm blooded.
It is on the right hand side of your body,near your stomach.It is approximately the size of a little melon.

Your Liver breaks down food,drugs,chemicals and Poison's.It stores vitamins,minerals and food.The Liver also stores fat.

If there is to much fat in the food the liver wont break it down so you will put on weight.You shouldn't eat to much fatty foods.

I think the Liver is really important.Without it our bodies wouldn't work properly.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cross Country

My heart was pounding as I sprinted as fast as I could. Gasping for breath it felt like my lungs were screaming.It was the school cross country.This year it was harder because it was way longer and we had to run a bush walk.I could feel the bushes scratch me as I ran past them.

Half way through the race, I knew someone was near by. My friend was close enough for me to catch up...So I sprinted and finally past him.

Passing the bridge the path was getting more and more narrow.There were lots of trees and bushes.A polluted creek was close to the path as well.

I was getting closer to the end of the first path which ended at Tamaki collage. The second path started there as well, leading back to school.

Getting closer and closer to the finish, I was also getting more exhausted and drained than ever before. Excitedly and joyfully passing the finish line I fell to the ground.