Friday, June 24, 2011

Stanley Steamer

American brothers Francis and Freelan Stanley,went to a local fair in 1897.There they witnessed a french inventor deminstrate his Steam car.That spured the two twins to invent their own Steam car which became the best known and best sold car from 1896 to 1924.It was called the Stanley Steamer.Between 1899 and 1905 the Stanley Steamer out sold the gasoleen powered cars.Later on they invented a steam racing car that broke the land record,it could reach up to speeds of 204 km/h.

The Stanley Steamer ran on simple,freely available fuel and all you needed to start it was a match.The engine didn't have to many moving parts in it.It also produced little exhaust.

However it took 25 minutes to build up enough steam to get going,It needed to be refilled often with fresh water.People spread a rumor that the Stanley Steamer would explode and kill the driver,that is why the Stanley Steamer went out of production.

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