Sunday, April 17, 2011

Snake Attack

You would never want to be bitten by a poisonous snake,it can be deadly because they have two teeth that we call fangs that connect to 2 sacs on each side of the snake’s upper jaw.These sacs contain venom. If you ever see a poisonous snake be careful or stay away from it.

When snakes inject venom into you it runs through there venom sacs and down their fangs.Snakes fangs are not solid,but they are hollow and can easily puncture your skin.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hydro slide

Walking up the steep steps I could hear echoing voices and every body cheering with excitement.I was anxiously waiting for my turn hoping it would be soon because I was so cold.I was very close to having my turn so I started jumping up and down. Finally I had my turn, I was going down the slide like the wind.It was pitch black and I could still hear everyone cheering.Suddenly there was light so I could tell I was near the end of the slide,so I put my legs up and my arms near my face.It was really fun going down the slide because all the water was splashing on me at every turn in the slide and because it was really fast.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Rauf Roller blading

Filled with excitement I quickly went on the rink and started roller blading with my friends. Suddenly I lost balance so I quickly clung on to my friend,but I fell down bringing my friend down with me. It was really funny but painful for my friend and me.

When the man said that there was going to be a limbo challenge I was very excited so I lined up for my turn, hoping I would win the competition again like last year.The bar got lower and lower as our turns went, there were eliminations as well.I made it into the final and I was really nervous. Some of my friends were in the final and I was last to have my turn so it gave me a big advantage. My friend's didn't make it so if I made it I would win. My heart was beating fast and sweet was coming down my face like a waterfall.I quickly went and had my turn. I just made it! That made my winning streak 2 years in a row.