Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Easter Show Competition

In the school holiday’s I went to the Easter show because my brother was competing in a singing and dancing competition.The competition took place at the ASB Show grounds in Auckland New Zealand near One Tree Hill. There were six acts and my brother was second to go on stage.He sang and played his electric guitar.The song that he sang is called you give me something by James Morrison. One of the judges said “I like how you can sing different notes”and he said that the guitar was off tune.My brother did not make it into the final.Even though he did not make it my family was still proud of him.I think he looked really confident,but unfortunately he got distracted by a baby.


  1. that was a fun day at the Easter show wasnt it Raufy :) yes a baby kept crying and put Kalim off but he did very very well and we are all proud of him for giving it his best shot

  2. no excuses haha nah jokes, good on yah Raufy keep speaking bro

    uncle Luke


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