Friday, May 27, 2011


“Swimming”I said to my self!I wonder what we are going to do.

On entering the pool a shock of cold sent shivers up my spine.With a powerful kick I pushed off the wall.Submerged under the water I glided gracefully.swallowing a big gulp of water I quickly swam to the surface and took a big breath,then I started kicking.

Determined to reach the end I could still hear my friends cheering.Nearing the end I took my last breath.Struggling to hop out of the pool I was exhausted and drained.On my knees barely moving, I was coughing and spluttering.

Feeling sick I said to myself “I finished”!Changed into my uniform I felt deliciously warm.When we got back to school lunch time was almost over.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Immersion Assembly

Wow I wonder why Ms Burn is dressed like that" I said to myself! Ms Burn and the rest of the teachers in team 3 were dressed in wacky hear wigs and mad scientist clothes. We were in the hall for immersion assembly.Immersion assembly's are always at the start of each term,these assembly's are for the students to learn there topic for each term.Teachers preform an act that relates to our topic.

As soon as the teachers in team 3 walked on stage an enormous beaker appeared,the teachers started tossing a variety of ingredients into the beaker. A massive bar of soap miraculously appeared.It was Ms Walters.She had a pink wig on that looked like bubbles and she had pink tight jeans on.

Suddenly all the teachers got changed and Ms Lavakula started rapping.The rest of the teachers sang.Then they came of the stage and started squirting everyone with water.All the teachers were great although team 3 was my favourite.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Easter Show Competition

In the school holiday’s I went to the Easter show because my brother was competing in a singing and dancing competition.The competition took place at the ASB Show grounds in Auckland New Zealand near One Tree Hill. There were six acts and my brother was second to go on stage.He sang and played his electric guitar.The song that he sang is called you give me something by James Morrison. One of the judges said “I like how you can sing different notes”and he said that the guitar was off tune.My brother did not make it into the final.Even though he did not make it my family was still proud of him.I think he looked really confident,but unfortunately he got distracted by a baby.