Friday, June 3, 2011


There once was a man named Archimedes,he was a mathematician.He also was known as the wise one and some others called him the master.

He was born in Syracuse Sisely in 287 BC.He probably got his interest from his dad Phidias who was an astronomer.Archimedes often forgot to eat because he was so consumed by his inventions.

One of his inventions was called the claw.It was made out of a pulley system,two poles and a hook.It was designed to attack any roman or other attacking ships. It would grip hold of ships and lift them up then sink them.

Roman people sent a soldier to find Archimedes.once he was found he was killed.That ended the life of a great mathematician.


  1. Poor Archimedes, his brain got him into trouble. But these days having a good brain means you will do well in life, which i know you will do as you are always using your brain in school and at home for the right things. Great writing son.

  2. Wow amazing story. Your a great mathematician too, and artist Raufy. Luv u frm Aunty


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