Friday, April 8, 2011

Rauf Roller blading

Filled with excitement I quickly went on the rink and started roller blading with my friends. Suddenly I lost balance so I quickly clung on to my friend,but I fell down bringing my friend down with me. It was really funny but painful for my friend and me.

When the man said that there was going to be a limbo challenge I was very excited so I lined up for my turn, hoping I would win the competition again like last year.The bar got lower and lower as our turns went, there were eliminations as well.I made it into the final and I was really nervous. Some of my friends were in the final and I was last to have my turn so it gave me a big advantage. My friend's didn't make it so if I made it I would win. My heart was beating fast and sweet was coming down my face like a waterfall.I quickly went and had my turn. I just made it! That made my winning streak 2 years in a row.

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  1. you won 2 yrs in a row and the bar is very low at the end well done. Roller blading is fun Ice skating is dangerous remember .....


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