Friday, May 27, 2011


“Swimming”I said to my self!I wonder what we are going to do.

On entering the pool a shock of cold sent shivers up my spine.With a powerful kick I pushed off the wall.Submerged under the water I glided gracefully.swallowing a big gulp of water I quickly swam to the surface and took a big breath,then I started kicking.

Determined to reach the end I could still hear my friends cheering.Nearing the end I took my last breath.Struggling to hop out of the pool I was exhausted and drained.On my knees barely moving, I was coughing and spluttering.

Feeling sick I said to myself “I finished”!Changed into my uniform I felt deliciously warm.When we got back to school lunch time was almost over.


  1. Hi Rauf I really I like what you at the swimming pools I went swimming 4 times but it was a lot of fun.from anthony

  2. You are a really good swimmer son and its good that you like your swimming. Im sure you will get better and faster as the years go by... Great story and great descriptions =)


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