Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Saving Valentina

While out in the sea of Cortez.Whale researcher, Michael Fishbach, and his family encountered a rare opportunity.The chance to save the life of a young humpback whale on the brink of death.

Approaching the whale there were no signs of life. After several minutes of floating alongside it, the whale forcefully exhaled.

The humpback whale was struggling to breath and swim. Michael saw that it was tangled in a gill net.

Grabbing the net...his family went and tried to cut one of the pectoral fins free.Eventually they did. About half an hour later they got the second pectoral fin free as well.

Once they cut the whale free it swam away and put on a magnificent show. They could tell it was very happy! The humpback did about 40 breaches, it also did tail slaps.

I think that the whale was really lucky that Michael and his family were there.It would have died if they didn't help.

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